Unlocking World Level 5: Industrial Age

After the Renaissance (World Level 4) comes the Industrial Age (World Level 5). Here we’ll look at the unlock requirements for WL5—again, starting from the assumption that you still have the tools and crafting stations used to unlock WL4. That includes:

  • Workbench
  • Cooking Pot
  • Stone Furnace
  • Blacksmith
  • Market
  • Fillet Machine

More on these can be found in the previous guides (WL4 for the Fillet Machine, WL2–3 for the rest).

This is also a good time to craft up a couple of Chests or Steel Chests if, as is likely, your inventory has gotten a bit unwieldy during the past 4 World Levels.

WL5 Item Requirement Overview

World Level 5 introduces a mix of “modern” items, like hamburgers and ATMs, alongside high-fantasy gear like dragon scale armor. Platinum (which in Craftopia is a sort of anime-hair-dye green) is the new tool and weapon material. The level-up requirements here are not super high compared with previous tiers—and certainly not compared with what comes next.

Here’s all you need for WL5:

  • 20 Titanium Ingot
  • 20 Battery
  • 20 Bioethanol
  • 20,000 Money

Titanium Ingots

Like other ores, Titanium Ore requires a minimum level of pickaxe to mine. Since Titanium is a 6★ material, a pickaxe of at least 5★ (Steel) is necessary. We can already forge Steel in the Stone Furnace, so instead of working up the tech tree through Iron (3★) and Silver (4★), it makes sense to jump straight to the Steel Pickaxe.

A couple Titanium Ore nodes can be found on the Island of Beginning: one just next to the Altar of Transportation at the peak of the island (map square C-4) and one just northwest of the Trial entrance (C-3). Together, these should give you the ore you need to make 20 Titanium Ingots.

Purple stars indicate the two spots where Titanium Ore nodes have consistently spawned for me. (Screenshot: Pocketpair)

Batteries and Bioethanol

Batteries can be obtained from a Generator (Small), which is produced at the Workbench (under “Power Tool”) for the cost of 1 Steel Ingot + 1 Cogwheel + 5 Log. If you’re craving some variety, you can craft up some Monster Prisms and catch animals to run in the Generator’s treadwheel; a more straightforward (if less fun) option is to to hop in and run it yourself for a while. The low cost even makes it reasonable to split the difference and get two generators to run in tandem: one for you, and one for the cows.

Bioethanol comes from the Aging Facility (Workbench, “Cooking Facility,” 5 Iron Ingot + 5 Stone + 2 Bone). Each Bioethanol takes 10 Wheat Flour as an ingredient, for a raw materials cost of 20 Wheat. Thus, you’ll need 400 Wheat overall to fill the Bioethanol order for WL5. Bioethanol will also be used extensively in higher-level crafting and island unlocks, so this is a great time to scale up that Wheat Farm production. Soon, if not immediately, it will be worth making a second Aging Facility and an extra Cooking Pot to widen the pipeline from Wheat to Bioethanol.


WL5 costs only twice as much Money as WL4, so the same strategy applies: go clear a Trial/Dungeon or two and sell the loot via the Market. Any Trial or Dungeon beyond those on the starter island should give you 20,000 Money worth of loot to sell.

When we get to World Level 6, though, we’re gonna need to industrialize …

Data compiled March 2022 from Early Access version 20220114.2018.

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