Unlocking World Level 4: Renaissance

Here we’ll continue our Craftopia tech tree climb with a look at the unlock requirements for World Level 4: Renaissance. This guide assumes that you have the basic crafting and trade infrastructure needed to unlock World Levels 2 and 3. That includes:

  • Workbench
  • Cooking Pot
  • Stone Furnace
  • Blacksmith
  • Market

If you don’t have any of these in place, the WL2/WL3 guide (or, frankly, the in-game tutorials) will lay out how to get them.

WL4 Item Requirement Overview

The Renaissance further diversifies your building blocks, cooking recipes, and automation tools. Gold and Titanium weapons and gathering tools are unlocked, along with helicopters, drones, and simple firearms. Here’s the bill of materials needed to get there:

  • 20 Steel Ingot
  • 10 Cogwheel
  • 30 Conveyor Belt
  • 10 Fillets of Fish
  • 10,000 Money

Steel Ingots, Cogwheels, and Conveyor Belts

Steel Ingots are made in the Stone Furnace from Iron Ingots, which are made from Iron Ore. The starter island has a few Iron Ore nodes, but not enough to make all the WL4 materials. To get more, go to the Altar of Transportation at the peak of the starter island and unlock some new islands to visit. Early unlocks are very cheap (20 Logs + 100 Money), and any of them should provide you with access to plenty of Iron Ore. Before traveling, make sure you have a Copper Pickaxe (Workbench: 5 Copper Ingot + 10 Log) or better to gather the ore with.

Once you’ve got at least 126 Iron Ore, bring it to the Stone Furnace and smelt it all into Iron Ingots, then refine 100 of those into 20 Steel Ingots. We’ll use the other 26 Iron Ingots for the next three items on our list.

Cogwheels are made at the Workbench (under “Intermediate Product”) for 2 Iron Ingots each. Thus, you’ll use 20 of your 26 remaining Iron Ingots to make the 10 Cogwheels.

Conveyor Belts are also produced at the Workbench (under “Transportation”). They cost 1 Iron Ingot per set of 10, so you’ll spend 3 Iron Ingots to make the 30 Conveyor Belts you need for the unlock.

Fillets of Fish

Fillets of Fish are produced by the menacing-looking Fillet Machine, which you build at the Workbench from 3 Iron Ingots, 5 Logs, and 1 Bone. The Bone can be had from the Skeleton Privates that spawn at night on the Island of Beginning. There are at least three spawn points: one in a grove on map square E-3, one at C-5, and one near the northern cliffs at C-3. The drop is common, though not guaranteed.

In addition to the Fillet Machine, you need a source of fish. Craft a Wooden Fishing Rod (10 Log + 1 Stone + 3 Straw) and use it any of the fishing spots on the shore or in the pond at the island’s peak. Click again when you get a bite to reel in your catch. Most fish (and even some shellfish, like Shrimp) will give Fillets of Fish when you process them at the machine.


By now, the Money cost may be getting a little steep if you are feeding basic gathered materials into the Market. A quick way to grab 10,000 or so Money (in the form of sellable goods) to complete the Trial on the starting island. A Trial is just an instance that involves puzzle solving or minigames instead of combat.

The entrance to a Trial. Inset shows location of entrance on the Island of Beginning. (Screenshot: Pocketpair)

The only two types of trials that I’ve seen on the Island of Beginning are the Beginner Speeding Trial and the Beginner Escaping Trial. The Speeding Trial has a generous time limit—you can forgo the hoverboard they provide and complete the course on foot with a minute to spare. The Escaping Trial requires a little out-of-the-box thinking but doesn’t take long once you figure it out.

Next, we’ll move on to World Level 5, the last of the “quick” world level unlocks.

Data compiled March 2022 from Early Access version 20220114.2018.

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