[Gil-Making Method] Myotragus Farming

Back in 2.x, a handful of specific mobs were commonly farmed for drops to sell on the Market Board. Among the most accessible options were the Myotragus Billies and Myotragus Nannies in Eastern Thanalan, which drop Aldgoat Skins, Aldgoat Horns, and Aldgoat Chuck. Obviously, a lot has changed in the FFXIV economy since those days. Does myotragus farming still stack up as a viable, low-barrier way to make some gil?

As of 6.18, the answer is yes—if your main is relatively low-level and you have at least a little tolerance for Market Board risk, this method is worth considering.

The only requirements for effective myotragus farming are:

  • A Disciple of War or Disciple of Magic class of about level 20. (Higher is better, though.)
  • Access to Eastern Thanalan. (If you start in Limsa Lominsa, this means doing your level 15 MSQ.)
  • Market Board access to sell your items.

Where are the Goats?

Groups of Myotragus Billies and Nannies spawn at several points along the Royal Allagan Sunway in Eastern Thanalan, between Camp Drybone and Highbridge. This map shows the spawn points that I find easy to hit in a single loop. Altogether, the 18 mobs shown here can be cleared in about 2 minutes if you can one-shot them or AoE them down quickly. The diamond at lower left is the Camp Drybone Aetheryte.

Myotragus spawn points along the Royal Allagan Sunway. FFXIV © SQUARE ENIX CO., LTD. All Rights Reserved.

There are a few other spawns further to the southeast, but the added travel time makes it inefficient to add these to your route. This is especially true if you haven’t completed the quest “Eyes on Me” and unlocked a mount speed increase for this area.

What’s the Payout?

With my max-level Bard, I was able to complete the full loop of 18 goats in under 2 minutes. I consider this a loose upper bound for speed, as I could one-shot the mobs from a distance and make use of my flying mount. When I went back and tried it as a L26 Lancer without flying, the loop took almost exactly 3 minutes, for a rate of 6 gpm (goats per minute). This is a loose lower bound, since most starting DPS classes have better ranged and/or AoE options than Lancer.

Across both conditions I killed 216 goats and looted:

  • 279 Aldgoat Skin ≈ 1.29 per goat
  • 95 Aldgoat Horn ≈ 0.44 per goat
  • 85 Aldgoat Chuck ≈ 0.39 per goat

Using our lower-bound timing, this comes out to 464 Aldgoat Skins, 158 Aldgoat Horns, and 142 pieces of Aldgoat Chuck per hour.

Current market statistics on NA servers show Aldgoat Skins selling pretty quickly at over 200 gil/unit and Aldgoat Horns selling somewhat more slowly at 250 gil/unit. Aldgoat Chuck sells for only a couple gil per piece, so I’d honestly just vendor it instead of wasting a retainer MB slot. That leaves our take at around 130k gil per hour.

Who Should Consider It?

This method is doable anytime after about level 20 (DoW/DoM), but it’s only competitive with other options from around level 30 (when it becomes easy to one- or two-shot the goats) to 40 (when more profitable options exist). This is a fine-grained method because you can hunt goats for even a couple minutes at a time (e.g., while waiting for a dungeon queue).


  • Required: L20+ DoW/DoM, access to Eastern Thanalan, access to MB
  • Preferred: L50+ DoW/DoM, “The Ultimate Weapon” completed (for flying mount)
  • Market Dependency: Moderate
  • Granularity: Fine
  • Party: Solo
  • Payout (as of 6.18): ~130k gil/hour in MB sales

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