Legend of Mana Faerie%: Teatime of Danger

This is part of a first-playthrough guide using the Faerie story arc. It covers both the original PSX version and the 2021 HD remaster, though some place and item names differ slightly in the latter. You can find an overview of the Faerie% path here.

The Quick Version

Place the two Artifacts you got from The Flame of Hope. This is a good point at which to upgrade your weapon and armor, as there are a few potentially tricky fights in the next quest. Lumina provides a one-stop shop (“El Hazardous”) that should sell Iron or better versions of both weapons and armor. To access it, go to Lumina and head left to the tavern, then left again through the big door. The weapon is the priority here, but if you have spare lucre, invest in a hauberk and boots as well.

Now for teatime. Enter the Mindas Ruins (created by the Ancient Tablet Artifact) and talk to the Onion Kid to start the quest. Make your way through the mazelike ruins to unlock the ancient megalith at the ruins’ center and rescue Teapo. Along the way you will enlist the help of the Flowerlings to open and close gates. When Teapo is safe and the boss is defeated, you’ll receive the Bottled Spirit and Rusty Anchor Artifacts.

The Details (May Contain Spoilers)

After talking to Onion Kid Duelle at the ruins’ entrance, go up to reach a section called Ruined Glory (HD: Glory’s Ruin), then left twice to reach the Tower of Winds, and left again to reach another part of Glory’s Ruin. Where you see the male Flowerling, go up to reach Flowerkeys Corner.

This is a puzzle room that controls gates elsewhere in the ruins. (There are two such rooms, and two sets of gates, but we only need to use one set for this quest.) Talk to the Flowerling in the middle to make two more Flowerlings appear. Then talk to the upper and lower Flowerlings to toggle their positions. To proceed, you want the Flowerlings to be in a diagonal from upper left to lower right.

Now, head back down to Glory’s Ruin and proceed down again past the male Flowerling. Go left through the room with the Rattler Boa to reach the Western Gates. (These are the gates whose open/shut positions you changed at Flowerkeys Corner.) Proceed through the lower left gate (the only other one that’s open) and then go left again to reach a room with a single male Flowerling. Talk to him to “prepare psychokinesis.”

From here, go right twice to return to the Western Gates, then through the upper right gate. Right after fighting the Rattler Boa and up past the male Flowerling brings us back to the Flowerkeys Corner. This time, we want both movable Flowerlings to be on the left side.

Now it’s down twice to reach the Rattler Boa room, left to reach the Western Gates, and through the lower right gate (which you just opened). You have now arrived at the Megalithic Structure that marks the center of the ruins. Talk to the female Flowerling and a trapdoor will open. Go through it and keep heading left to find Teapo and fight a boss.

Previous quest: The Flame of Hope
Next quest: Huntin’ Du’Cate

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