Legend of Mana Faerie%: The Lost Princess

This is part of a first-playthrough guide using the Faerie story arc. It covers both the original PSX version and the 2021 HD remaster, though some place and item names differ slightly in the latter. You can find an overview of the Faerie% path here.

The Quick Version

Visit Domina for the first time and you’ll witness a conversation in the center of town. Follow the purple guy (Elazul) into the pub and talk to him. When prompted, select:

  • Ask what happened
  • Ask about the friend
  • Let’s search for her!

Place the Jade Egg Artifact and go to the Mekiv Caverns with Elazul to help him search for his friend. When you’ve completed the quest, you will receive two new Artifacts: the Stone Eye and the Firefly Lamp.

The Details (May Contain Spoilers)

To get from the Entrance of Mekiv Caverns (HD: Mekiv Caverns Entrance) to the boss room (and Elazul’s missing friend), go

Lower Right
Lower Right
Lower Left
Lower Left

Here’s a map (room names as in PSX version; dashed exits lead to rooms not needed for the quest).


I started another quest with a different NPC and Elazul ran off. Where can I find him again?

Each quest NPC tends to hang out in the same one or two places if you leave them behind. If you have a quest pending that involves Elazul, check the pub in Domina where you first met him.

Does it matter where I place the Jade Egg?

For a casual first playthrough, it doesn’t matter at all. Place artifacts anywhere the game will let you.

Next quest: Niccolo’s Business Unusual

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