A Gaming Glossary: W

warpfrom sci-fi jargon “warp,” as in “warp speed”
To go directly from one stage or zone in a game to another, whether through a clearly intended means (like the warp pipes in Super Mario Bros.) or via a glitch (see wrong warp). The NES Super Mario games all include some means of warping between levels.

As a noun, warp refers to the act or means of warping, especially if it requires making use of a glitch. Recently, Ocarina of Time runners discovered a warp that goes from Kokiri Forest straight to the final boss.
warplessAccomplished without using warps. This speedrunning category is relevant mainly in games that have warps available without taking advantage of glitches (the warp pipes in Super Mario Bros., for instance, or the warp whistles in SMB3). In games where warping is not an ordinary part of casual gameplay, the issue of warps is often addressed via a “glitchless” or “NMG” category.
wipe1) (MMOs) The death of all party members during an encounter, typically a boss fight. Also used as a verb. In tabletop games such as D&D, the equivalent term is TPK (total party kill).

It took three or four wipes before we really understood that boss.
When our healer died, I thought we would wipe for sure.

2) (= server wipe) The erasure or resetting of all progress across a server, forcing players to start from scratch.

I’m gonna wait until the upcoming wipe to start a new character.
WRAbbreviation of “world record”.
wrong warpThe act or means of exiting a door or other transition and winding up at a different destination than normal. In Ocarina of Time, for instance, there is a wrong warp setup that allows you to walk through a door in the Forest Temple and end up in the Fire Temple.