A Gaming Glossary: N

nerffrom the Nerf brand of foam dart guns
To decrease the power of a character, class, item, ability, etc. When updating their games, developers often nerf characters, etc. that are seen as overpowered while buffing those seen as underpowered.
Allosaurus used to be an extremely powerful dino, but then the devs nerfed it.
NMGsee no major glitches
No Major GlitchesA speedrunning category marker indicating that certain especially big glitches are not allowed. Glitches flagged as “major” vary from game to game; often, the banned glitches would allow the runner to skip entire bosses, levels, or other pieces of normal gameplay. Where both exist, an NMG run is less restrictive than “Glitchless.”
nundofrom “none” + “hundo”
(Pokémon; Pokémon Go) A Pokémon with the worst possible IVs.