A Gaming Glossary: I

iframessee invincibility frames
inc(mainly MMOs) “Incoming!”, a callout to announce that a mob has been pulled and is being brought toward the party.
>> Hill giant inc!

※ Usage Note
Typically, “inc” is used in alerting one’s own party, but it is sometimes seen in similar callouts across an entire zone (e.g., via a shout or zone chat channel). This often happened in older MMOs when, for instance, a dangerous mob was headed for a place players tended to camp.
individual value(Pokémon; Pokémon Go) (abbreviated IV) An innate stat, present when a Pokémon is caught, bred, or hatched, that determines its stat growth potential relative to others of its species. IVs are shown in the appraisal screen in Pokémon Go but are hidden by default in main-line Pokémon games.
Japanese: 個体値
invincibility frames(abbreviated iframes) Frames during which a character (player, enemy, etc.) is invincible after being hit. Speedrunners often take iframes into account by either moving through enemies while invincible (a form of damage boosting) or by timing their hits so that they don’t bounce uselessly off an invincible enemy.
IV(Pokémon; Pokémon Go) see individual value