Prime Resurgence Ends Today. Now What?

After ten loot-filled weeks, the Prime Resurgence event that began in November is finally wrapping up. Maybe you farmed (or spent) your way to getting everything on your Prime Warframe wishlist. (Good for you! I’m not even a little bit jealous. Really.) Maybe you went hard at the Aya farming and relic cracking and are ready for a nice long break from anything Void Relic-related. (Understandable!) But maybe you didn’t get all the Primes you wanted and are still, somehow, not sick of hearing the word “reactant.” If so, read on. I have a few ideas for getting the last little bit of value out of Prime Resurgence before we all pivot back to “normal” gameplay.

Now: Trade In Your Remaining Aya

Once the event ends (2 hours to go as I’m writing this), Varzia will still accept Aya, but the things she’ll offer in return are much less valuable than the relics sold throughout the event. For example, Varzia will give you 5 Ducats per 1 Aya, less than the redemption value of even the cheapest Prime parts and blueprints (“Prime Junk”). The items you get from cracking a relic are worth between 15 and 100 Ducats, so even if you don’t want anything in particular, it’s better to buy the relics now and crack them at your leisure. Even with the worst RNG, you’ll make way more Ducats than Varzia will offer going forward.

If you don’t have specific parts or BPs you’re still looking for, consider grabbing relics with high-selling Warframe BPs as their rare drop. Right now, the rare drops from the Meso F2 and the Axi A7 both seem to fetch a good price.

ASAP: Crack Any Leftover Event Relics

The relics you’ve already bought don’t have an expiration date, but there are other arguments for cracking your leftovers as soon as you can. Mainly it comes down to radshares: even in the “Last Chance” weeks, it was noticeably more difficult to organize radshares (or intshares) because there were just so many different relics being run. Post-event, we can reasonably expect these sorts of groups to get even harder to organize as supplies dwindle and interest fades. If you’re sitting on a bunch of Axi S4 relics or such, now’s the time to put them to use.

Soon: Trade for Missing Blueprints & Sell Off Extras

The end of the event also offers a unique chance to complete your blueprint sets using trade chat or Warframe Market—and to find buyers for your spares. It’s hard to say with precision what the prices will do for any specific item: longer-term, some event relics and blueprints will likely get cheaper as demand flags, while others—especially rares for sought-after Warframes—will get more expensive now that the floodgates of supply have been closed again. Buffs, nerfs, and new gear will eventually change the meta, new Primes will be introduced and old ones brought back, and new mission types may put a premium on new combinations of traits.

Instead, the real reason to try and complete sets now is volume. A quick, unscientific browse of the Warframe Market stats shows that many Prime BPs are still trading in greater volume—sometimes much greater—than before the event. On the seller side, people are cleaning out their spare or unwanted BPs, and on the buyer side, there are still lots of people looking to complete one more set. That situation won’t obtain forever.

Whenever: Mod Your New Toys!

Finally, this is an excellent time to figure out how all your new frames and weapons work, and what mods and loadouts best complement them. Overframe is great for browsing different builds that others have come up with; builds there are ranked by a voting system and often described in detail. The downside is that many of the top-ranked builds are expensive, highly customized endgame designs that may be out of reach if you just got your frame. Additionally, high-ranking builds on Overframe are often specialized to a particular type of content. Browse a few before you commit to sourcing any mods or changing any polarities.

For advice on cheaper / starter builds, in-game Q&A chat may be a better option. It’s hit-or miss, though, and it tends to be much less active in the off-hours. Still, if you’re playing in the evening when server populations are high, you’re likely to get some good recommendations from experienced players. And, of course, you can always go the trial-and-error route, starting with the mods you have and bootstrapping your way toward a build that suits your own tastes and playstyle.

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