Legend of Mana Dragon%: The Crimson Dragon

This is part of a first-playthrough guide using the Dragon story arc. It covers both the original PSX version and the 2021 HD remaster, though some place and item names differ slightly in the latter. You can find an overview of the Dragon% path here.

The Quick Version

We’re coming up on the culmination of the Dragon story arc. Place the Torch of Coral to unlock Madora Beach. From here, we have two main options:

  • Proceed immediately with The Crimson Dragon. There are some tough fights, but this is the faster route.
  • Do a sidequest (Summer Lovin’) to unlock another town (and thus better gear). We need to do at least one more sidequest between The Crimson Dragon and the endgame proper, so the delay here is slight.

Here, we’ll assume you’re going straight ahead with The Crimson Dragon.

Visit the Underworld to encounter Sierra, who needs your help to navigate its depths. Basically, this is the same route we took way back in the beginning of the questline, but now we keep going down. You will pass the original Shrine of the Silent Faces where you fought the first boss (the Hitodama), then continue down through the fourth floor past another such shrine. Eventually you will reach a staircase where the mischievous Shadoles will transport you the rest of the way down.

After an initial boss fight, the Underworld will transform into The Flames, a zone that is only available during this quest arc. Navigate to the top of The Flames, fighting minibosses and bosses as you go. You will know when you’ve reached the final boss.

The Details (May Contain Spoilers)

The Underworld

From the first room after the Macabre Tombstone, go to the upper left, then follow the spiral stairs around to the upper right, then continue down the hall to the right. In the following room, head into the first purple doorway you see, then go up through the following small room.

Those directions should have put you on the second level of the Underworld. From here, follow the spiral stairs around to the upper right, then exit through the glowing passage to the lower left. Head to the right on this screen and enter the second purple doorway you come across, not counting the one you entered from. This will bring you to the stairway of the third level (it’ll say “Third Level” on the screen).

Follow the stairs around to the upper right, then cross over the lava bridge in the next room and take the upper right exit there as well. In the next room, take the first purple doorway you come across to reach the Shrine of the Silent Faces. Go up through the gate that looks like a bunch of fangs, then wrap around yet another staircase to the upper right.

Go all the way left in the next hallway, then, heading left in the hallway after that, take the third purple doorway you come across. This puts you at another Shrine of the Silent Faces, but don’t worry: you’re not going in circles. When you go up through the gate of this shrine, you’ll be on the fourth level.

Here, you’ll see a bunch of Shadoles cackle and disappear. Touch one of these invisible Shadoles (just walk around where they were) to be teleported to the bottom of the Underworld. Go up through the third and final shrine gate when you’re ready.

Cutscenes and a boss fight follow. Then you’ll find yourself in …

The Flames

After agreeing to help Sierra and crossing the bridge, go up twice to reach the second floor. From here, go left, then follow the hallway left and up a staircase to get to the third floor. Go right through the hallway and up the stairs, and you’ll be at the fourth floor. Fight the two Fierce Faces in the next room, go into the door they are guarding, and … fall through the floor.

Take the leftmost exit from the room you fell into and you’ll be back on the second floor. Go down once more to reach the first floor again. Follow the corridor around to the right and fight the Sky Dragon miniboss.

Now backtrack to the third-floor room that you fell into (the one with the save statue). This time, you’ll go to the far right and fall into a basement boss arena. Fight the Land Dragon miniboss and head right to exit the arena, then right again and up a set of switchback stairs to return to the second floor.

Follow the corridor left, down, and left again to find yourself at a room that may look familiar from the very beginning of the dungeon: a central door flanked by two staircases. Go left past the door and down twice (you’ll hear a door click) to fight an armored centaur boss called Zenoa. Exit through the door to the upper right and it’s a straight shot up until you’re back at the top of the dungeon.

Fight the two Fierce Faces again and pass up through the door. This time, you won’t fall through the floor, but cross it to face Drakonis in his throne room (prosaically labeled “Fifth Floor”). Fight him and the Underworld will return to normal before the end-of-arc cutscenes roll.

Previous quest: The Dragon Princess
Next quest: Summer Lovin’

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