A Gaming Glossary: T

tileset(also tile set) A set of modular pieces from which procedurally generated maps are assembled. The “tiles” may be flat, horizontally connected pieces of terrain, as in 2D ARPGs like Diablo II, or they may be 3D rooms and set pieces, as in Warframe.
techThe entire set of techniques that goes into a certain aspect of a game. For instance, platformers are often discussed in terms of their movement tech (the ways of moving around the game world). Generally, tech includes both the in-game equipment or items and the player’s ways of using those items.
The movement tech early in this run is limited, but things open up when we get the grappling hook.
Those dash boots are a fun little bit of speed tech.
trash mob(MMOs) A generic, not-very-powerful mob, especially as distinguished from named or unique mobs, elites, or bosses in a dungeon or raid setting. For example, in the EverQuest zone Estate of Unrest, the generic low-level mobs outside the Estate are traditionally known as “yard trash.”