A Gaming Glossary: R

Randosee randomizer 
Randomizera modified version of a game (often an NES, SNES, or N64 title) that randomizes elements of that game to provide a fresh challenge for veteran players. Randomizers often shuffle at least some of the following:
> locations and/or stats of items
> locations and/or levels of spells
> locations, stats, and/or abilities of enemies
> layout of the world map
> entrances and exits of towns and dungeons
Rocket jumpA technique, originally used in Quake and its sequels, that involves firing a rocket launcher at the ground and propelling oneself to otherwise unreachable places. The basic principle (using the physics of an explosive weapon to propel oneself, though not necessarily a rocket launcher specifically) is found in many other games. Rocket jumping is an extreme version of damage boosting.