A Gaming Glossary: P

pat(MMOs, esp. WoW) see patroller
patroller(MMOs) A mob that wanders around in a set pattern instead of staying at its spawn point.

Patrollers are a common feature of MMO dungeons, and their patrolling behavior often fits the theme of that dungeon: wardens patrolling a prison, guards patrolling a castle, etc. Where patrollers are present in a dungeon, players usually need to keep an eye out to avoid pulling them accidentally.
PBsee personal best
personal bestAn individual speedrunner’s best time on a given game or category. Being on “PB pace” at a given point in a run means being on track to match or beat one’s previous personal best.
PMO(trading) Please make offer.
>> WTS [Nova Prime] set PMO = “I want to sell the Nova Prime set; please make an offer if interested.”

※ Usage Note
PMO is usually used by sellers who want buyers to submit their own offers. Less commonly, it is used by buyers who want sellers to name their price.
pull(v.) To start combat with a mob by attacking it, provoking it, or simply moving into its aggro radius.
>> Please don’t pull the boss until we’ve done a ready check.

(n.) The act of pulling.
>> That was a really messy pull. You brought back like six mobs at once!

※ Historical Note
In modern MMOs, tanks usually have the job of pulling enemies (especially bosses); in older MMOs, it was often the job of a designated puller to kite mobs back to a campsite and hand them off to a tank.