A Gaming Glossary: L

leash(n.) The range at which a mob stops pursuing a player and runs back to its spawn point.
>> These guys are on a short leash. Don’t run off too far or they’ll reset.

(v.) (of a mob) To stop chasing a player and run back to the spawn point.
>> Ugh, that orc leashed just as I was about to kill him.

※ Historical Note
Early MMOs (e.g. vanilla EverQuest) had non-leashing mobs. This meant mobs could, and would, chase players all the way to the zone line in a phenomenon known as a train. The lack of leashing also opened the door to kiting strategies. Most popular MMOs since World of Warcraft have implemented leashing in a way that prevents trains but also renders kiting much less viable. As of 2022, non-leashing mobs are considered a very old-school feature for an MMORPG to have.
lemon(Mega Man franchise) An uncharged Buster shot. The basic projectile fired by Mega Man or X without charging or equipping a special weapon.
Low%(speedrunning, challenge gaming) A category that aims to beat a given game with as few items collected, bosses defeated, levels gained, etc. as possible (cf. Any%). In Any%, it’s okay to complete optional content if it helps you beat the game faster. In Low%, these extras are actively avoided.