A Gaming Glossary: J

from (fighting game event organizer) Alex Jebailey + “bait”
To bait an opponent; to lure or trick someone into a disadvantageous spot. A player can be jebaited by the game itself, and the term is used as an interjection to imply either “I tricked them!” or “I got tricked!”
Let’s see if I can lure them off the point. [enemy follows player off point and is killed] Haha, jebaited!
I wonder what’s in this treasure chest. [chest turns out to be a mimic] Oof, jebaited!

Usage note:
The past participle jebaited is much more common; jebait appears to be a back-formation.
Jet seedIn randomizer speedrunning, a seed that can be completed rapidly due to favorable starting conditions. A jet seed in an RPG rando, for instance, might allow access to powerful spells or equipment much earlier in the game than the vanilla version.
The stat gains these first few levels have been great. This is shaping up to be a jet seed!