A Gaming Glossary: C

ClipTo clip is to move through a wall, ceiling, floor, or otherwise impassable surface.
You can use the elevator to clip through the floor in Hazy Maze Cave.

As a noun, clip describes the act of clipping, especially as a trick to save time in a speedrun.
Going for the world record in this game means mastering some difficult clips.

Many clips in 2D and 3D platformers have colorful names describing their difficulty, setup, or special risks involved. For instance, a clip in Super Mario Bros. 3 (5-F2) is known as the “Jesus Clip,” possibly because it involves a leap of faith over a lava gap. A later clip (in Bowser’s Castle) is called the “Everyman Clip” because the setup is made easier by a helpfully placed item block. Other clips are known simply by the level or location they occur in.
Console verifiedShown to work on actual console hardware, as opposed to an emulator. Emulators behave differently — sometimes slightly, sometimes dramatically — from the consoles that they are designed to emulate. Console verification shows, directly, that a TAS is not dependent on quirks of the emulator software.
Credits skipThe act of skipping directly to the end credits of a game. Often considered a valid way to complete a game in Any%, but not in 100%.
Credits warpsee credits skip